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Jonathan Waddingham

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Jonathan Waddingham is one of the experts on Product Development for the third sector

Until January of 2018 he was the Social & Labs Product Manager at the online fundraising and crowdfunding platform Just Giving.

We discuss the challenges that arose after incidents like the Grenfell Tower disaster. Jonathan’ main focus was on the crowdfunding part of Just Giving.He’s the the guy who discovered the impact of the Facebook like and share buttons on a charity’s campaign.


Successful digital products that change the world



Recommended Books

The New Rules of Marketing and PR…..   David Merriman Scott

Inspired: How to Create Tech Products Customer Love – Marty Cagan

The Consolations of Philosophy – Alain De Bottom


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Places of Welcome

In this Podcast interview, I talk to James Henderson from Places of Welcome.

Places of Welcome is a network of small community organisations,  who offer an unconditional welcome to local people for at least a few hours a week.

I know of them because there is a weekly place of welcome in my part of Birmingham.

The primary aim of the Places of Welcome network is that “Every neighbourhood has places where all people feel safe to belong, connect and contribute.”


I asked James from Places of Welcome to tell us more.


Places of Welcome

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Article on my local place of welcome 

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