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Today I interview Pauline Roche. Pauline is an award-winning tech connector, do-er and fosterer of skills and knowledge in the West Midlands and beyond as Managing Director of social enterprise RnR Organisation; For full details about her connections and the awards she’s won please go to the show notes. Learn all about the wide range of Pauline’s work , what an Unconference is. I forgot to ask one of the usual questions that I ask my guests – so just to say Pauline says scone as in stone but she does have the correct arrangement of jam and cream.

In the time honoured tradition I asked Pauline to tell me her story




Winner, West Midlands Women of the Year 2016 award Outstanding contribution to technology & listed #InspiringFifty)

she chairs both the West Midlands Open Data Forum and WM Funders Network; she is on the Steering group of the Open Data Institute Birmingham node and the organising team for Open Data Camp; she co-founded and runs both the Net Squared Midlands: tech for social good meetup series and the UK unconference for voluntary sector infrastructure organisations VCSSCamp; she is a member of the global community for Women in Tech, Adas List, and organises meetups of the West Midlands members, as well as being a member of the women’s organisation Shakti Women; Pauline is active on social media, is on LinkedIn and tweets as @paulineroche and @RnRWorks 

…and it’s ‘Scone’ as in ‘Stone’, with jam and cream 


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