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Download Episode TELL THE WORLD ABOUT YOU! illustrade / Pixabay Social Good Podcast is a Podcast that aims to educate, entertain, inform, inspire its listeners to take action. I’m approaching people who are already doing inspiring things and I’m asking you whether you would like to be interviewed. (20 -30 mins) but flexible I want...

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Episode 1 Introduction

Episode 1 - Introduction  No related posts.

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Kids Club Kampala Corrie Fraser

Download Episode   Corrie Fraser is one of three founders of Kids Club Kampala which they established as a charity in 2009. Corrie signed up for a six-month gap year in Uganda and in this episode, she shares her story. What her early influences were. What inspired Corrie How she sold jewellery to male friends...

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Human Story Theatre

In our second interview, Rhys Morgan talks to the founders of the Oxford Based Human story theatre. Most actors have to ‘wear’ a variety of working ‘hats’ and Amy and Gaye met ten years ago while wearing their ‘medical roleplay hats’, in Oxford. Together, and separately, they work as role-players and facilitators in teaching communication skills...

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Annika Spalding

Annika Spalding’s website introduces herself thus! – “Let me introduce myself as a proud mother of two fantastic girls. I am committed to giving them a different experience of childhood to the one that I had, and the death of my mother has been my primary motivation to build an empire that my children will inherit...

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Clara Wilcox The Balance Collective

Welcome to the 4th Interview of Social Good Podcast. Clara Wilcox and I met on The School of Social Entrepreneurs Programme and enthused each other shall I say over Gary Vaynerchuck. The Balance Collective which Clara founded is a social enterprise, focused on improving the lives of parents. We all need balance in our lives –...

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