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In this interview I talk to the founder of the Frugal family blog SO before you start visualizing, as I tend to do, – wearing sandals, not washing properly, letting your kids run riot and not treating yourself ever – trust me I’ve lived right next door to a real family whose kids looked like they were dressed in 1970’s charity shop clothes and thought Harry Potter was inspired by the devil!

They’re all adults now, and if they’re listening – I really felt for you – honest I did anyway Clare is on the Podcast to banish my thoughts of hair shirts, poor quality Traidcraft coffee from 1985 or ostentatious austerity so Clare  writes

Being frugal isn’t about the cheapest option, it’s about the best option based on your situation. We believe that teaching ourselves and our kids about where stuff comes from, what it costs financially and environmentally is important. Our family project has grown into a real desire to change the way we buy, spend and live… It’s been hard at times, lots of planning is involved and we are not perfect – but we are trying.

I asked Clare to tell me her story and what it’s like in her family.


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