What Questions Will You Ask Me?

Literally will be “Hello can you hear me I can hear or not hear you!!”

Oh!! You want more detail?


The first question is always the same (usually) Tell me your story? But you knew that becasue you’ve already listened to all the interviews right? 😉

And the rest is usually governed by that! I want you to share one or two (max 3) calls to action to build your audience. You may have a particular event to promote although I would encourage you not to do that because a Podcast is an asset to promote you for a long long time if it shares your story, your motivations, your achievements and your hopes and dreams for the future to the world!

So I sometimes ask things like how has your 2018 been so far? What have you planned for the rest of the year?  What about next year?


I also ask some light hearted questions and if you want to give some thought to who’s your biggest influence? Favourite book/film/soap opera. Favourite genre of books film.

What’s the worse thing about doing what you do?

And if you want me to ask a particular question – tell me before recording .

I’m more Parkinson/Wogan than Mrs Merton or Melvyn Bragg or John Humphreys or at least I try to be!

email me rhys@socialgoodpodcast.com or ring/text 07393 327094