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Rhys is an excellent host on his podcast. He has a real knack at being able to put interviewees at ease. He said beforehand that it's a bit like having a chat over a virtual cup of coffee - and he was spot on!'

Annie Moon 01/03/2018

This is what I look for.

You should be doing something already – some activity for at least a year – the more you’ve done the more stuff I have to work with when I’m planning the episode. 

Note – Owners of Private LTD Companies or LLC corporations are not eleigible. – (if Tim Cook pitched me I would answer as follows You made a bazillion dollars selling iphone – that’s great – that’s an outpu not an outcome. What impact did it make? Did you measure how owning an iphone has transformed the lives of customers Did they access more educational opportunities? Did they raise awareness of x y or z ?

You need an online presence so that you can promote your episode to your fans and followers. SO a website is usually a must BUT if you have customers from Instagram or Facebook and can show consistency in generating content then – tell me.

An active social media presence is essential really

Linkedin, Facebook Twitter and Instagram – more than 1 is usual

If you’ve done media interviews before share the link


If you have an amazing blog by amazing I mean you write about what you’re doing on your own blog or Medium or guest post on a number of other sites in your niche

Can you recommend at least one other person who I could feature on the show – the more guests we have the more interviews I can do – the more google likes the site because if you promote your episode the more everone’s efforts get shared.

Join the Facebook group and share other people’s interviews with your friends? That way everyone’s impact increases just by being helpful to your fellow interviewees.

Ask yourself –

What’s my story?

What’s my why?

What’s my how? or rather What did you do last year?  What are you currently working on? Any current challenges you want to share or something you’ve learnt about yourself?

What do you want to do in the next 12 months?

If there is a current or ongoing issue in your field – you should have a view on it even if it is – I don’t have a view because…………

If there’s time I like to ask.

How do you relax?

Gary Vaynerchuck yes or no?

What is your pronunciation of scone?

Jam or cream on top of aforementioned scone or scone?

I will try to promote your interview in the long term as well so for example it ,might be the right time of year or a particular event. IN the interview with Clara Wilcox I did this tweet during the Easter holiday – she retweeted it and listenership grew, as did her impact hopefully. 



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