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Annie calls herself a changemaker, introducer and facilitator between Social enterprises, charities and the like with corporates and bigger companies.



As of publication or release date the 14th March 2018 an interview I did with a Puerto Rican called Engel Jones in his 12 minute convos has just been released – it’s only 12 minutes long of me chatting to Engel – he asks all his guests the same questions and I was very flattered to be asked because I had only interviewed one person for the social good podcast  at the time – the blurb and the promotion was on LInkedin but I hadn’t exactly got a podcast released and out there so to speak so 12 minutes of me if you want to

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or anyway on with my show talking to other people

I asked Annie to tell us all her story


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Heidi Fisher. Mentor, Coach, Social Entrepreneur.

Heidi Fisher Social Entrepreneur, Mentor, Coach. Heidi’s passion is making a difference in society. She’s written a book “Social Enterprise -how to successfully set up and grow a social enterprise”  and set up the Lewis Enterprise Foundation to help 100,000 children around the world out of poverty.

Heidi helps businesses and social enterprises to demonstrate the difference they make with Social Impact and Social Return on Investment reports, as well as helping them prepare for social investment. She’s worked with health and social care organisations, youth organisations, employment and training organisations and those working with ex-offenders to establish their social impact and SROI, through preparing reports and developing their systems for future impact measurement work. She’s worked with all sizes of organisations, from those with small incomes to over £1000m.

In her mentoring work she believes in working on the person as well as the business. She does this by removing their blocks and limiting beliefs; working with clients to create and achieve their revenue plans; and implementing new ways of working so they can work, make money and live your life the way you want.

She provides training, one to one support and speak at events about following your passion, how to grow your business, pricing and value, social impact, SROI and how to clear your limiting beliefs and blocks around abundance, success and money.

Heidi is a Chartered Accountant and founded the UK’s only Chartered Accountancy firm that was a Community Interest Company. She’s worked with small businesses, social enterprises and charities for over 18 years. She’s based in Norfolk.

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Aspergers Heroes

Aspergers Heroes. David Derbyshire

Asperger’s Heroes is a personal development service aimed at adults with Asperger’s Syndrome. Its goal is to empower people to make positive changes both in their own lives and in their workplace or community. I tackle such issues as managing stress, developing social skills and finding fulfilment, by offering one-to-one consultations and group workshops.


David received a Distinction in my Diploma in Life Coaching and he is also a co-founder of job club where he volunteered as a job coach for 5 years. 

He taught Psychology in Further Education in interesting and engaging ways for many years, gaining mainly grade 2 “good” observations. At Birmingham Metropolitan College he worked for 14 years teaching AQA A-level Psychology (AS and A2) to sixth-formers and previously to evening classes and Psychological Perspectives on Ascentis Access to HE Programme. 

Aspergers Heroes