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Jacob Hill Offploy CIC

Welcome to the latest interview on the Social Good Podcast. I’m Rhys Morgan.

This episode’s guest is Jacob Hill. As with many of my guests’  his life experience led him to setting up his social enterprise. His company is called Offploy. His Linkedin page states that he will get 250 ex-offenders into meaningful, mentored and sustainable employment by July 2019. He has a fascinating and inspiring story.


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Faire Shop Sidney Sherman

Faire Shop Sidney Sherman

Faire Corporation is based in Austin Texas was founded to promote and expand Fair and Ethical Trade practices by exclusively selling ethically sourced items online. Faire is an effort to change the way people everywhere think about, and respond to, global poverty — and to change the way we buy things online every day. Their Mission is to create a higher standard of living for marginalized communities around the world, by supporting trade relationships that reflect a higher ethical standard.

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I asked Sidney Sherman the Founder and CEO of Faire to tell me her story.

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Giki Badges

Giki Badges is a mobile app that informs you, the user about the products you buy and the companies you buy them from. Their mission is to encourage sustainable consumption by inspiring people to make small, regular changes in their shopping which are good for them, better for the environment and fairer to others. I invited Jo Hand one of Giki Badges Co founders to tell me her story.


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Katie Elliott

Welcome to the latest interview of the Social Good Podcast Today chat with Katie Elliott. Katie is the founder of Little Challenges, a place to find ideas, tools and inspiration to make being human a little bit easier.

The aim is simple: take great ideas from the worlds of psychology, philosophy and optimum performance along with real-life learnings from people all around the world and turn them into tiny, practical things to try.

Katie, like many of my previous guests turned her own experience of overcoming her challenges she’s overcome into amazing work. I asked Kate to tell me her story.


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Step and Stone

Bristol-based bakery, Step and Stone, makes handmade lavosh flatbreads with a social purpose. They work with young people with learning disabilities, helping to develop their skills and confidence so they can eventually find employment in the mainstream catering world. They’re a community interest company, so all our profits are ploughed straight back into the bakery.

The Founders Jane Kippax and Jane Cheon share their story.


Videos on How to amke Lavosh Bread yourself in case you don’t live near Bristol

https://youtu.be/E_dpYm63jUg There are other videos just search for Lavosh Bread


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Mr Thank You

Welcome back to the Social Good Podcast. I’m your host Rhys Morgan. In this interview, I chat about Mr. Thank You or John Israel. In his story we chat about his aim of increasing the level of gratitude in the World by 1% through the Mr thank you community – how you can join in

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I asked John to tell me his story.

You can join be part of the Mr Thank you community by going to the website here https://mrthankyou.com/


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Hope Zvara

Todays guest is Hope Zvara

Anyone can tell you about things you should do to be better, do better, live better. Hope breaks them down, tells you the how’s and the why’s, and then does them with you. best She provides tools to make your life easier, healthier, and happier

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Leslie’s Care Packages

Today’s interview is with the founder of Leslie’s Care Packages. It is I think Stourbridge’s and the Black country’s fourth emergency service. It was founded in 2016 by Vi Wood, following her own experiences when she and her Family was in danger of losing their own home. The Voluntary Group has been set up in tribute to her late husband Leslie, helping homeless and vulnerable people across the Black Country, West Midlands.

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Homelessness is not a choice, and can happen to anyone at any time. Homeless are from all walks of life, from failed marriages, loss of jobs, loss of family members, people being abused, and with mental health issues. Homelessness isn’t just suffered by rough sleepers.The “hidden homeless” are those living in unsuitable, temporary or crowded accommodation. Homelessness is devastating, leaving people vulnerable, low self-esteem and isolated and everyone deserves a place to call home.


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Lucy Findlay

In this interview I chat with Lucy Findlay from Social Enterprise Mark CIC

Social Enterprise Mark is the only internationally available social enterprise accreditation scheme, enabling organisations to prove they are in business primarily to create benefits for people and planet.

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As usual, I asked Lucy to tell me her story.

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Vic Elizabeth

An invisible force in the North and beyond; Vic works tirelessly to enable folk to achieve their dreams and ambitions, whatever their background.

Vic has over twelve year’s experience of working with national, award-winning youth charities and across the creative industries. She’s a massive advocate of the power of informal learning, DIY approaches and raw talent as routes to success – with a big, fat passion for social mobility and capital, and in turn it’s incredible strength to break down all sorts of barriers, from education and employment, to success in certain industries (oh, hello creative / arts / media world!). In recognition of her achievements to date, Vic was included on the prestigious Northern Power Women Future List 2017 and in the same year, awarded a mentor and funding through Flourish CIC’s supporting women in social enterprise scheme.


Originally and proudly from Sheffield, Vic decided that after her GCSE’s, she was done with the formalities of education, and went down a more vocational route, from a National Diploma in Media Production at College, to then graduating with HND in the same subject from Salford Uni. Now, this was quite a while ago, mind. It’s her personal journey, that drives her passion for helping people succeed – no matter who they are or where they’ve come from.




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